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email newsletters that generate sales

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Email Newsletters Generate Business

We generate qualified sales leads FOR YOU to help you win more business!

We design, write, send and track your Email Campaigns for you every single month.

Regular Email Newsletters & eShots:

  • Generate new sales
  • Help you retain your existing customers
  • Generate repeat business
  • Generate upsell opportunities
  • Increase your credibility
  • Encourage your prospects to buy from you
  • Generate more referrals from your partners

Why We Can Help You:

  • We bring you more business
  • We do all the hard work for you
  • After 8 years, we know how to make this work
  • We have 100s of client success stories
  • We made 252 sales from our own campaign
  • Our success is dependent on YOUR success
  • YOU don't have the time to do this properly

Our 10 Step intelligent eMedia plan Will Generate Sales Leads For You:


We help plan your strategy to ensure that your email newsletter campaign will make YOU money.


We schedule when each issue will be published to maximise your sales opportunities.


We help you identify your target audience and then we build your email contact databases for you.


During the campaign, we help you grow your audience and we maintain your contact databases for you.


We design the look and feel of your newsletter to work well in all of the popular Email and Mobile Email systems.


We write your newsletter features for you so they interest your audience AND encourage a response.


We ensure your newsletter issues are sent consistently to your target audience every single time.


We "extend your reach" by posting these features on your website, Apps, & your Social Media (Twitter etc).


You can track your readers' behaviour online and in real-time and watch them reveal their buying signals.


You will know the people who showed an interest in each feature so you can "follow up" these qualified leads.

If you are tired of simply "raising awareness" and would like to generate more sales
call Chris Hooton in our Oxford office on 01865 339 429.

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